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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

That may be so for you....but others might enjoy the discussion. There is also the fact that many have clues to how to do these kinds of things in their practice already...and any tips from the writings could provide some additional clues, that in and of themselves might not mean much, but in the context of our current practice might mean a lot.

I myself don't think I'm very strong in this area physically or intellectually, and I'm willing to spend some time discussing these things. I have also had some recent experiences on the mat which tell me there are people in aikido who do use kokyu and aiki as has been discussed in our recent threads, and I'm willing to put in the mat time to develop (as best I can at my poor level) them as much as possible.

So let us have our little conversations... Even if they are not of much use to you.


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