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Re: techniquies in street fights

Chris Hein wrote:
It's cool, lots of people are still asking this question after years and years of training. My recommendation is to go somewhere where they actually hit each other, not a school where they pretend to hit each other, but a boxing school, or a muay Thai school, something like this and practice your techniques. Find out what happens, then you can come back and tell all of us. If you stay there long enuff, you'll prolly learn Aikido better then most.

-Chris Hein

This was one issue I strived to work on at my former place of training. It was so annoying when uke would attack, I would stand there, and then uke would not follow through with the attack and stop before I got hit. I would do that from time to time when I detect that an attack was not altruistic in intent and ask "what are you doing"?

In time with all the deshi, I eventually got everyone to understand the importance of a real attack. It is possible to yield a real attack and still maintain order and a safe environment. This is crucial when training aikido.

Through this type of hard training, I became relaxed and able to respond witout thinking because thee is no time to think. Eventually you can see the attacks before they happen if that makes sense. Anyone else experience this?
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