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Re: how do you tell?

Mal Smith wrote:
this question kind of goes along with the thread about physical contact vs no touch policy.
but how do you tell if someone is harassing you? i mean there is this one guy that i train with and he is always touching me, like a bad touch, but it looks like it could be a mistake, but its the same mistake over and over again, and its obvious, like it'll be a stupid mistake.
an example would be if he is supposed to strike to my neck he will strike to my chest instead.
but like i said it could just be a mistake, but im also not an outspoken person at all, and dont really have the "audacity" to say anything to him or my teacher... becuase what if im wrong... i would feel really bad then.

anybody have any thoughts?
Possibly wear a plastic chest guard?

I don't wear one for aikido but I do for karate. I sometimes mention to the guys I'm practising with, that if they hit me there, it'll hurt them more than it hurts me! If he starts "accidentally" getting somewhere else on your body, then you definitely have a problem. It's also a useful piece of protective equipment, and you can't feel a thing through them!

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