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Re: how do you tell?

Mal Smith wrote:
i mean there is this one guy that i train with and he is always touching me, like a bad touch, but it looks like it could be a mistake, but its the same mistake over and over again, and its obvious, like it'll be a stupid mistake.
an example would be if he is supposed to strike to my neck he will strike to my chest instead.
Hi Mal,

I suggest that you ask him to improve his aim! It makes it more difficult for you to do what your sensei has just taught you if your uke attacks in the wrong way - this is your main reason for asking him to strike correctly.

Mal Smith wrote:
but like i said it could just be a mistake, but im also not an outspoken person at all, and dont really have the "audacity" to say anything to him or my teacher... becuase what if im wrong... i would feel really bad then.
Are there any senior women at your dojo you could talk to about this? It's probably a good idea to get a second opinion about this guy before you take the matter any further.

It sounds like he's probably just clumsy and uncoordinated, but if he wants to improve, he needs to learn how to aim his attacks correctly. You are well within your rights to bring this to the attention of your sensei, as you can just say "Sensei, I'm having difficulty working with X as his attacks are so off-course, and I don't know how to deal with them". If it turns out that his attacks magically do improve whenever sensei is watching him, but not when he is unobserved, then yes, you do have a more serious situation which you must bring to your sensei's attention.

All the best,
Take care,

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