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Re: Ni-Ju-Ni Jo Kata

Si, sorry but I do not know if any video of the 22 no jo. I will contribute this little antecdote though, I recently attended a weapons seminar where the instructor explained the primary difference between the 22 no jo and the 31 no jo.
To summarize what he said, the 22 no jo was developed by Koichi Tohei Sensei and the 31 no jo was develop by Saito Sensei. They differed rather greatly in the method of counting movements. Saito Sensei in the 31 no jo counts each single movement while Tohei Sensei counts several movements as a single movement. Therefore if you were to perform the 22 no jo counting in a manner consistent with Saito Sensei's method of counting, you would actually wind up with 36 movements rather than the proscribed 22. Not very helpful for your dilemna but interesting nonetheless.
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