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Re: Staying soft.

Xu Wenfung,
I don't' know why your apologizing, and I don't know why you're calling me a lost puppy. I was under the impression that this is a place where fellow Aikidoka can discuss issues concerning Aikido. Maybe indeed I should go somewhere else if the notion of some new ideas cause so much anger from you. MMA schools have completely different atmosphere then Aikido Schools. If you look back at some of my posts you might see that this is what I'm alluding to in my desire to make Aikido stronger and more applicable. Most people involved in MMA don't desire self development as much as they just want a victory. I like the Ideals set forth in the Aikido community, but I see lots of people trying to hide from their ideals and would rather belong to a reenactment group. I believe the Aikido community needs these sorts of discussions, just look at some of the more popular threads on here "dose Aikido work" "Defending against Aikido" "Challenges in Aikido" etc etc. Apparently this community you describe isn't too tired, and wore out from work to be concerned with things like martial effectiveness. Most of my students who are "hard core"(meaning the train in all of my class's and train with great enthusiasm) are regular 9-5 dudes, who work all day, then come to my class, and would be totally pissed at me if I didn't fully work them out, and give them 100% of my knowledge of practical effective technique. I think if anyone is barking up the wrong tree it's you my friend. Lot's of people are interested in training in a manor that I would prescribe, and are looking for this exactly. I think the mere fact that you had such a strong reaction to this post is a suggestion that you yourself are not happy with your training. Budo, is about giving 100% and not making excuses.

-Chris Hein
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