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Re: Staying soft.

GO XU! I agree completely!

These techniques have been around relatively unchanged for 1300 years. These techniques were developed by samurai for samurai for use against samurai (who all had extensive jujitsu training) on the battlefield. When the samurai A was using these techniques, it meant he was unarmed, and facing a sword weilding opponent. Later they transitioned into the palaces of the Aizu clan as well as the battlefield. A trained unarmed woman, who was physically no match for a samurai, could defend the palace in a time of need. These training methods and techniques have evolved for over 1000 years, are still alive and kicking, and truely hold the claim of the only onces based entirely on human anatomy. Ju-jitsu breaks stuff because it breaks that way. These techniques, in pure form, break stuff because of the relationship of tendons, ligaments, and bones.

During the last era of the samurai there were many schools who fought for survival. We are still here, and have never been defeated. These techniques have had 1300 years of life and death testing where the practitioners life depended on these techniques working better than any others. Kano sensei bowed to this. O Sensei killed somewhere around 200 men in duels while developing aikido. Takeda sensei killed closer to 800. Kano used a Daito-trained student to push his judo. If you are reciving bad training that you believe to be ineffective, your dojo has either lost sight of the warrior roots of where we came from or you are missing some huge pieces of the puzzle.
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