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Re: techniquies in street fights

Remember the fight begins long before the first physical contact. The fight begins in the mind. A prepared person has fought the fight subconciously and is prepared mentally, well before the surprise attack. Situational awareness is the first step to street fight success.

I've posted this in other threads (don't remember if I did here or not), the formula for success in actual combat (real life and death)-
Survival = Escalating effective violence faster than your opponent.

If he's willing to punch, I'm willing to gauge out his eyes! If he wants to bite, I'm willing to shatter his mandible! If he's willing to pull out a knife, I'm willing to put two rounds in his chest!

If you are training in martial arts for self-defense, not just philosophical ideals and you are not training the mind for combat, you are failing in your training.

Gregory Makuch
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