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Re: Staying soft.

Chuck Clark wrote:
Of course, this is in kata, which is a prearranged learning tool. Eventually you must learn to feel and be sensitive to human actions to recover their balance. It is actually very predictable since we're bipeds. Through the connection (ki musubi) we know what our uke is doing and where they'll step next and we fit our waza to those recovery actions. This is why training systems need a "feedback loop" that is not programmed. Randori or sparring serves this purpose. Randori in my mind means to take something of form out of chaos.
Your reading my mind Chuck!

Did you train in Houston? If so what type of randori were they doing back then? What you described is exactly what the randori I've done accomplishes. Randori and Kata both serve different functions, but are both a necessary part of training.

In my opinion without learning the kata, you will never fully understand the intricacies within the techniques. Without the randori, you won't learn to improvise and flow into things.
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