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Re: Can women defend themselves?

Nick Simpson wrote:
I havent yet met a woman who had as high a pain tolerance as the majority of men I know
Just remembering from my psych university days where I studied Sensation and Perception...

1. I remember one or two studies that show statistically that women have a higher pain tolerance than men in controlled situations. These tests were usually based on how long you could keep your arms in a bucket of ice water or something like that. Women lasted longer.

2. Statistically women complained outloud more during the test, while men toughed it out and said very little.

At a party one night - yes it was a bunch of psych people - we had our beer in a little plastic pool in the living room full of ice and water and cans of beers. We had spent the week going over some of the studies above so we thought we'd try it out and I and a couple of friends got down on our knees beside this pool, rolled up our shirtsleeves and stuck our arms in the water.

I'm not sure if its because we read the study or not, but when my male friend and I had had enough of this painful nonsense we made sure that we pulled our female friend out of the water at the same time...we didn't want to lose that particular battle of the sexes no matter what some study said



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