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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
sorry to intrude..
Is there a known body of work (Chinese?) that consists of the "classics" that you mention?
Hmmmmm.... there's not a devoted "classic" per se, but the comments are quite common as classic or traditional phrases. There's a good VHS tape by Zhang Xue Xin performing one of the better (more complete body coverage of aspects) martial qigongs (Hun Yuan Qigong) in which he mentions "mixing heaven and earth", the "qi of heaven" the "qi of earth" and other things... it also gives you a chance to visually see him showing some movements along with the wordings. Knowing the words won't do you any good. Seeing him do the movements won't do you any good. It's what you do with your body and breath that involve these trainings. My point being that reading what O-Sensei actually said is interesting and academically pleasing, but it won't tell you anything. If you had watched O-Sensei doing these things, it wouldn't tell you any more than watching someone knowledgeable doing Fune Kogi Undo. However, it's relatively easy to tell someone how to do Fune Kogi Undo, compared with telling them how to correctly perform some of the qi conditioning. So you see the problem. Knowing these metaphoric phrases and hearing them discussed doesn't do a lot of good. Hope that's an adequate answer.

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