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Lorien Lowe
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Re: Can women defend themselves?

Ron is correct: myocardial infarction, blockage of an artery feeding the heart.

It's also nearly always the men who pass out for a blood draw. Teenage girls will pass out sometimes, too, but not from watching someone else be a patient like men sometimes do.

Mary, I agree that that attitude does occur - one rarely hears from a male police officer, for instance, that most of the time fighting back will discourage an attacker enough for the victim to get away. A lot of men don't seem to understand that rape psychologically closer to castration for a woman than it is to sex. But I didn't pick up on it in the baby thread - maybe because I'm not a maternal type, have never had kids, and don't intend to. I can only imagine carrying an infant as being like, as someone suggested, carrying a box of eggs of incredible value, that one can't put down or allow to be hit, crushed, torn, or whatever. It *seems* like it would be an incredible handicap for an otherwise able woman.

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