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Re: Staying soft.

I've never seen Shodokan Aikido, and would like to see a video of it's randori.
What I'm talking about is not revolutionary, and maybe some schools do practice it, but it seems to me that the Aikido community at large doesn't really get the concept of practicing against what you may likely face. You will likely never gain the real world ability to relax and adapt to an attack, by only practicing Kata and jiyuwaza.

The Kaishi waza that Ignatius Teo is talking about, is in general the way I take ukemi now. Never resisting, but flowing into spots that nage is not aware are open. Never directly fighting anything, but takeing advantage of any uncontrolled spot. This to me would be the ideal of how an Aikidoka would deal with real confrintation. However this ability will likely never be developed by only practiceing in a calm and non resistive enviroment. If you are uncomfortable with resistance, it will make you freeze up, an you're ability to relax will come to a close. You must make yourself comfortable with people attacking you for real. I believe that this is the advantage of sports martial arts. Because everyone wants to win, they are always trying their techniques against full resistance, even better the resistance of trained people who are very difficult to deal with. The down side to sport competitive martial arts is often their is a lack of self development, and a large amount of ego feeding, and macho bullshit that has no place in a Dojo. It also has a tendency to break the skills of a martial artist down to a game, which will slowly but surely degrade the effectiveness of the techniques in real wold application. I would like to see more non-cooperative, noncompetitive sparring in Aikido, at least in the yudansha.

I would really like to see some Tomiki also. I read a book about it once but I can't find a school here on the west coast. I don't think the Shiai is what I'm talking about but I'd like to see it, anyone know where I can get a video of that?

-Chris Hein

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