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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ueshiba + Chin-Na?

Ellis, there's another point or two I could add in my weapons/techniques debate.

First: Have you ever seen a small book(let) called "Introduction to Ancient Chinese Weapons" by Yang Jwing Ming? It has some interesting pictures of some of the weapons we were talking about yesterday.

Secondly: Given how fanatic Asians can be about not showing "secrets" (look at how much westerners have been kept in the dark about by both Japanese and Chinese, etc.), I've been heavily surprised at the extent of qi and jin knowledge that apparently people like O-Sensei had access to, *including* the literature and poems that go with it. In other words, O-Sensei (and others we've discussed) had something approaching a classical knowledge of the theory and mechanics of martial qigong development. Given the surprising depth of knowledge about so-called "secret" information, doesn't it seem plausible that the knowledge of techniques (including the joint-locks we were discussing) was fairly broad and not subject to this "coincidental development" theory that is propounded by some?


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