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Re: Can women defend themselves?

" Nick, you must never have been with any of those men when they're in the hospital with a kidney stone. "

Nope Lorien, never been there nor had a kidney stone myself (which is something im happy about ).

Forgive the lack of medical abbreviation knowledge, but what does MI stand for? Multiple injury?

Anyways, I included the childbirth scenario and I agree that it must be a horrendous physical and mental trauma to go through and that it will bring a fair amount of pain too (prolly an understatement!). I also said that we will never know as we cannot compare due to the obvious physical differences in the sexes. My answer to sum up was:

" It all depends on the individual. "

Not: All men have higher pain resistance than all women.

Im only basing my statement on my own experiance, which is based on a majority of accidents and/or fighting injuries. In these cases I have witnessed/been a part of, the men involved/myself, have had a higher pain tolerance than the women involved.

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