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Re: techniquies in street fights

I second that. Elsewere in this forum I described about an event where I was attacked by two men (punch+kick). What happend? The first ones punch I sidestepped (to his inside) and he lost balance and fell efter some contact from my part. The second one came with a kick . I sidesteped and irimi to his inside with my hands raised. My movement coupled with his momentum sent his upper body backwards, and that was the end of that.

That is, I moved - then technique happened. My technique became strikes since our relative momentum was opposed and great. (I didn't strike mind you, it's just that to him my hand at his torso/neck became a strike at that speed.

For me I have never thought about technique in these situations (not many that's for sure) only to move. Actually I haven't thought much at all. I just moved.

*Don't know if that gave much to this discussion actually!*

Jakob Blomquist
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