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Re: techniquies in street fights

" You can only defend yourself from an attack- that means he has the edge, because he takes the initiative. "

Not strictly true. You can preempt their attack when you think you are in danger/trouble while they are busy shouting/posturing/sqauring up, whatever.

Of course you cant really defend against a sucker punch. In that case it is how you respond after the initial blow that will dictate your success.

Personally I probably wouldnt bother with throws in a real combat situation, unless they were a gift that I could not miss (which is extremely rare in a fight), I would just strike and possibly lock/pin depending on the situation. No pins or lengthy locks if there are multiple opponents of course.

I have found that the theories of aikido work best for real, e.g. mai, irimi, atemi, timing and kokyu.

Techniques should never be forced, they should just happen.

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