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Re: Staying soft.

Chris Hein wrote:
So my question Is why don't more Aikidoka practice against resistive attacks. Why is there not really any sparring* in Aikido.

-Chris Hein

*Sparring: (I know lots of people will have confusion about my usage of this word.) I mean sparring in the since that you would see in in a competitive sport martial art school.
Hi Chris

My feeling is that such practice is not widely used since it is not considered useful for development of ki.

MMA training is top rate stuff and promotes some fine athletes who are excellent at the physical side of martial arts.

Most of the ones I've met or seen (but not all) show some top qualities as human beings too so arguably there is some spiritual development too.

I'm a bit of a fan of MMA I confess.

However, I dont think this style of practice is necessarily the best for street self defence for is simply the best for MMA.

My point is that training is specifically targeted at the goal or aim that you have in mind.

If your aim is to use aikido in MMA then sure, it needs to tested with more resisting opponents.

If it isn't then maybe this isnt necessary.

I don't see the primary aim of aikido as developing the skills for this type of competition.

Of course with a bit of could be adjusted to do so.



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