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Re: It's all spirals

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
Pardon me for reopening this thread, already a couple of weeks old, but spirals is a favorit topic of mine. I think that aikido is all spirals.

Look at any technique, and you see its spiral form. Extend and accentuate these spirals, and your technique will improve. Trust me on this At least, you'll have great fun doing it.

Nakazono sensei said in one of his books that moves in spirals, and spirals within spirals.
The universe is doing the same, all over, when the orbs of planets, solar systems and galaxies are combined.

And isn't the very hip string theory of physics the same?
It's all spirals.

I just had to say that. I wouldn't mind putting a theme song to it, as well.
Hi Stefan

agree 100%. All aikido move are spiral shaped. I've been taught this for a long time now.

I personally feel this flowing momement is what makes good aikido seemingly effortless yet so powerful.

Glad to know Nakazono sensei is promoting the same stuff as my instructors.

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