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Re: The Real World: How to Reconcile?

James, don't worry. I know you aren't picking on me . Also, I don't blame the cops for the inability to handle certain things, they have to think about so much in the legal process, that sometimes things "get through." So I understand their predicament.

Especially in this situation, the authorities tried to convince my friend to get a court-issued restraining order, but she refused to until months after the more serious situations occurred. Had there been one earlier on, the police would have had much more ability ealier on. In fact, once she finally got the order, the guy was arrested simply for calling her on the phone within weeks of being served, and the situation QUICKLY was taken care of.

So I agree that we must all be prepared to accept and deal with whatever comes our way, and rely on no single one plan. Escape works sometimes, Aikido works sometimes, law enforcement works sometimes, having a defensive weapon works sometimes, even giving in and surrendering your wallet works sometimes. The most important thing is not only to be competent in and aware of your means or protection, but having good judgement over their use in appropriate situations.
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