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Lorien Lowe
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Re: Can women defend themselves?

Nick Simpson wrote:
...I havent yet met a woman who had as high a pain tolerance as the majority of men I know ....
Nick, you must never have been with any of those men when they're in the hospital with a kidney stone.

many men come into the hospital with an MI and can barely speak; on the other hand, I've heard more than one woman say, 'it hurts an awful lot, but it's nothing compared to childbirth.' It may be true that men tolerate sharp, traumatic pain (granted, the type most likely to be encountered in a fight), but given time I think that the women will start to out-tolerate men on average.

I also think that it's true that the larger combatant has an advantage over the smaller combatant given equal skill, but the fact is that the majority of vile attackers out there aren't trained in martial arts. Most probably think that a 'woman fighting back' is a woman who throws weak punches and/or scratches and/or tries to knee them in the groin. The pd at my university says that 4 out of 5 untrained women who are attacked (by a stranger) successfully fight off their assailants, and I think that training which increases a woman's skill and willingness to defend herself can only improve those odds.

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