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Re: Physical contact vs. "no-touch" policy

Stina, yes you can can quote etc.

Finally, I've been wondering for awhile, is it possible that there is much more acceptance for female instructors to have a "hands-on" approach, at least with children? I have never been worried about a child finding my behavior inappropriate, but I do believe that the male instructors at the dojo where I train, have given the thought some consideration, and are very careful not to do something that can be found inappropriate. Of course I am also careful as to not touching a child in an inappropriate manner, but I am not really worried of being accused of this either. Is it really so gender related, concerning teachers?
Great question. That is why I don't train or work with kids. I am male. Yes males are looked at differently. I don't want to be accused falsely. If Micheal Jackson is convicted this will not be good for men who work with kids. Just as so many high profile child cases recently ( the little girl in Fl.) and of the past have shaped the way we look at men in who deal with children. How about those female teachers sexually abusing their young male students. The fall out was so bad for woman. Thus, I don't teach kids. I don't want to be in a position where I am falsely accused due to public hysteria. There are plenty of adults around to have as training partners.
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