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Originally posted by Nick
Also... if a student does not progress as quickly because using Japanese names for techniques is not "convienent", is that really the teacher's fault?
Mayhaps it is and mayhaps it isn't. Now that we understand dyslexia we are able to teach individuals who suffer from it. Things didn't work out so well in the past for those who suffered from it. Not that Confuscious would have had a clue what that was, so I guess he would have removed those lesser folks from consideration.

Honestly, I can't believe we are even having this discussion. Language is just language. It is a method of communication and nothing more. If the Nihon Goshin folks do good technique and are good people who cares if they call ikkyo "feedlebeemerstiefloom". In fact, if we all called it that, and we all knew what it was, it would be exactly as good as ikkyo.

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