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Re: Can women defend themselves?

I think the confusion often arises when people see martial arts or self-defence through the light of competition. Women are generally physically weaker and less resistant to pain, thus it is usually the case that men and women can't compete on an equal footing in fighting.

However real self-defence is a completely different matter. The person doesn't know what you are going to do. There is a massive psychological context, and the benefit of a trained reaction can help anyone, regardless of their physique (you sometimes hear of old women fending off attackers with an umbrella; I suggest it is often the suprise of the vigorous response of the 'victim' that takes the attacker off guard.) Also there isn't a set time for starting the 'match' - a rapid response to an attacker is often a suprise.

Whatever self-defence you do, no matter who you are, it won't make you unbeatable. The objective is to IMPROVE your chances, thus, as long as you are better off than not having done the training, the training has some use. I fully believe women CAN become effective at self-defence, even against quite ruthless attackers with much more strength. However they are unlikely to ever win an utlimate fighting competition!

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