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Re: Poll: Should religion play a part in an aikido curriculum?

There are three concepts: spirituality, religion and church (or synagog, or temple). Spirituality represents a personnal growth or path. Religion is an answer to philosophical or essential questions adressed to the people, to every man that wants to ear it. Church - or the institution that materializes religion - is an application of religion with the objectives of controlling and manipulating peolple, history has prooved it.
As O-Sensei said, Aikido is not for Japanese or for Omoto-Kyo members, it is for everyone. He was a very spiritual person and I think the way of Aiki should be combined to spirituality. He dedicated his practice to some Kami or superior strenght and created the principles of Aikido with "divine shapes".
Spirituality is a personnal path, something that each does for himself, but it is the root of what O-Sensei really called Aikido.
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