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As far as I know, there is no historical connection between the "internal" Chinese arts of hsing-i, taijiquan, and pagua(spelling?), and aikido. I believe they have been described as having similar traits such as stressing the cultivation and use of chi/ki, the lack of the use of "brute force," and extreme precision of movements in their techniques.

I trained in Chen style taijiquan for twelve years prior to starting aikido. The only reason I don't continue to do both is lack of time (new family) and lack of a Chen style taijiquan instructor near me. I very much enjoyed the short period that I did practice the two arts concurrently. They were different enough that they didn't interfere with each other, but still shared many similarities as well (I know, a very ambivalent statement). That said, if one desires to study both arts, I would suggest accruing some significant training time in one of the arts prior to beginning the other, in order to avoid confusing the movements and techniques of the arts. IMHO.


Robert Cronin
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