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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Stuart Norton wrote:
Couldn't agree more.

I never claimed that Kancho Sensei (or anyone else for that matter) didn't have a ton of respect for O'Sensei.
It is however stated that your allegience is to O'Sensei first and foremost in regards to your Aikido training, and my point was that his beliefs/values are practised more in some styles than others.

So this is something you should be mindful of to avoid future frustration in your chosen dojo.

So once again, best of luck in finding a dojo that satisfies your needs.
I know, you said he had lots of repect for O'Sensei and I agreed with you... Crikey aren't we in defense mode!

Yeh your point was taken... That's the whole issue here ...

Thanks for the wellwishes

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