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To JJF, Goshin means Self-Defense perhaps we should also use Kanji in addition to using the Japanese terms.

Nick, As I understand it Ikkyo is first principle and Nikkyo is second principle etc.. The first two principles are sometimes reversed. So that depending on the dojo or oganization the name and techniques are not in sync.

I understand there are some japanese concepts that don't have a good translation, but many of the technique names are descriptive. Thrust to the stomach and do an entering throw.(Tsuke irimi nage)Whats the big deal?
I'm not against using Japanese terms, but I dislike the holier then thou attitude some practitioners have.

I started my training in 1974 and after more then two decades in the Martial Arts I find it easier to teach using the English language. The students learn quickly in their native language. I also learned a little Spanish to help the students that don't speak english, and on the rare occasion I have a Japanese student I practice my Japanese.

In my opinion it is the instructors responsibilbity to teach in a manner that all students can understand. It shouldn't be a test and those that fail aren't allowed to learn because they have difficulty with the Japanese language.


Walter Kopitov
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