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Re: Poll: Should religion play a part in an aikido curriculum?

Spiritual aspect of aikido is developed in long term simply by practicing aikido techniques under a right instructor. I believe a big majority of very advanced instructors one day or another face a situation how to handle increasing sensitivity for spiritual dimension of aikido. Only very few of them decide to speak out loudly about their experiences. May be, cos these are very personal things and students can't simply copy Master. That will be cheating.

So Master let students evolve themselves (remember Japanese concept that every person has his own mission to fulfill on the Earth, so they prefer not influence it), some will find right path, others will stop their development at certain level.

Spiritual aspect of aikido it is not to force others to follow certain kind of religion, and that's why questions in the pool aren't well thought. That will be childish. Spirituality is serious matter.

O sensei saw himself as a shaman, shaman that can connect with some deities (as M. Eliade put well: connect "profane" with "sacred"), and this role existed more then 5000 years ago and still exists in every society. Founder developed the techniques in this context. Serious study aikido techniques can prepare you well for it.


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