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Knee / Lower Leg question

My tibia protrudes rather profoundly below my kneecap making Seiza and Shikko both rather painful ordeals. It ends up that my weight rests on the raised portion of the tibia rather than across the entire length of the leg which is quite uncomfortable in and of itself, but I would imagine that putting my weight on the bones protrusion is none too good for the bone either.

My question is this, I am considering a set of knee pads, or a brace or support of some sort but I wish for something which will accommodate the issue at hand and was wondering what advice you might share with me? I examined some neoprene knee wraps which seemed to extend the appropriate distance but lacked thickness which I imagine would be needed (perhaps not -- if so please correct my ignorance). There were some with open and closed knee openings, knee pads of many different descriptions (sporting goods, construction, etc)

Any recommendations you might care to share would be much appreciated as I would very much like to work around this issue. I have tried to ‘tough it out' figuring that I would get used to the discomfort, but I am 6 months into Aikido now and I do not believe the pain will diminish with practice.

Many thanks

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