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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Michael Stuempel wrote:
Stuart...upseeting apple carts is bad for the digestion

I was also wondering where it was written/commanded/suggested (and it might be..I just haven't seen it) by Ueshiba M. that hakama be worn in the dojo. I believe that Kancho Sensei had the highest respect for his instructor and would be surprised to find he had changed that, especially since he had ties to the Ueshiba family and Aikikai until the end of this life.

Just a thought...more apples rolling <wry grin>



Yeh well from what I gather Shioda Sensei held O'Sensei in very high esteem. Likewise as to the issue of the Ueshiba family losing the hakama, it is unclear why this has been done. I'd LOVE to know, despite the fact that I'm not sure that the answer to this question would change my perspective on the situation....
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