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Re: Yoshinkan folks pls come in

Anthony Wong wrote:
Hello Yoshinkan folks,

Does Yoshinkan has doing spiritual & shinto exercises? I heard that Yoshinkan is realistic and going to no religion, is it just simply normal warm up exercises and waza practice?

Hello Anthony,

No shinto nor spiritual exercise emphasis in my dojo. Religion is also not mentioned at all in class. Yes, our class start with normal warm exercise then proceed with waza practice and end up with randori session.

There is no religious, quasi-religious, nor spiritual emphasis in our dojo. What you'd expect are study of kineaslogy, bio-mechanical and its manipulation to achieve realistic martial application. We also use bio-feedback (feelings) to help us learn how to effectively apply the techniques. So pretty down to earth, hard practice. Ki or religious study are up to individual; but outside mat time on your own effort.


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