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Re: Poll: Should religion play a part in an aikido curriculum?

I am new to the world of Aikido, so bear with me. I voted No to this particular question for a number of reasons:

1) It is my understanding that we are to clear our minds when on the mat of all things accept learning Aikido technique. Adding the dimension of religious rigors.

2) It is also my understanding that the goal of Aikido is to acheive "the way to spiritual harmony or harmony of the mind". How can adding a controversial and very personal subject such as religion help that acheivement.

3)It is my opinion that religion and spirituality are by definition 2 different things. They at times coincide but in no way are they interdependent.

Thank you for allowing me ths time and I look foward to train in Aikido for a long time and hope to meet some of you one day.
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