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I hate to say it... but some dojo are better than others. I hardly represent my dojo, (I just like arguing) but if people learn some judo and jujutsu, water it down so that it could NEVER work in a self defense situation, and call it aikido, should we not admonish them for fear of being "pretentious"?

My classes are taught in english. The techniques have Japanese names. That's how my teachers learned it, and our head instructor, who learned it from O'sensei. Not because we think we're cool because we use japanese, not because of any kind of arrogance... it's just how they were taught, and therefore how they teach.

"Aiki cannot be exhausted
by words written or spoken.
Without dabbling in idle talk,
Understand through practice"

If you think about it, we don't even need names for techniques... it just makes things easier... things are the way they have been for a reason. They're the way they should be...


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