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The reason I am so adamant about maintaining tradition is, in fact, because it is the way "it's always been", but it's always been that way for a reason...

People have been building chairs for hundreds of years now. The basic shape and function of a chair has not changed. The correct way to build a chair has not changed. It's become... tradition. If you modified your chair too much, it would be unbalanced and uncomfortable. Imagine if you had a chair that, while it had lumbar support, a nice cushy back and padded armrests, one of the legs was smaller than the others. One example of how breaking "tradition" can lead to disaster.
This is not to say there can be no variations. We have rolling chairs, high chairs, booster chairs... but all are basically built the same way. This can be thought of like aikido. Despite the different "styles" and the different people practicing them, if we don't maintain our tradition of building strong, balanced aikido, we'll be in a pretty uncomfortable place...


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