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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Si Wilson wrote:

You believe in what you believe in, but you kind of missed my point on the clergy. From the link you posted:

"The purpose of this article is to encourage our fellow priests to
wear their collars (and, by analogy, religious to wear their habits).
It goes without saying that there are reasonable and legitimate
exceptions to this rule, such as during sports and recreation, during
one's vacation (in general), while at home with family or in one's
private quarters in the rectory. And, of course, the obligation to
wear clerical clothing ceases during times of violent persecution."

In the times above, when they are not wearing their collar they do not believe any less in God or stop being priests.
What was I saying about being told that I don't understand when the case is that I don't agree? heheheh

I fully understand that a God-loving Priest is God-loving while wearing a collar, while jogging in 45 degree heat in shorts, while sunbathing on Bondi Beach in speedos, while taking a shower or stark naked for that matter. Likewise as I said, nothing, hakama included, could separate me from my spirituality. I don't wear hakama to work (see abovementioned persecution hahahah), I don't wear one riding a bike, I don't wear one while showering, but it does not impact my spirituality.

Aside from violent persecution, which I don't think applies in this case, the quote you reference does not say anything about not wearing the collar while giving a service in the Church. If it did, then your analogy may retain some substance but as it is, the analogy is, well, not analogous to the conversation at hand.

Si Wilson wrote:
Back to topic!

In my old school yudansha wore hakama, in my new school they don't. I hence no longer practice in a hakama. As Michael said, it is so you can see the legs clearly to both learn from for the student, and assess for the teacher. My old school came from Yoshinkan, but our UK head said all yudansha must wear hakama. That said, when teaching certain things I would not wear the hakama to show my legs.
And as I said before, I see the practicality involved and agree that most certainly, some techniques are far more efficiently instructed and learned without the visual obstruction of the hakama. I also said that I am not sure that the physical side of the art should outweigh the spiritual.

Si Wilson wrote:
What I said about the spirit in practice was the energy in the dojo, the harmony between the practitioners, the purposeful way of practice, and the focus and determination. I don't mean the magical mumbo-jumbo that gets waffled about.
OK I think I was talking about magical mumbo-jumbo

Si Wilson wrote:
You talk about your loyalty to O'Sensei, and talking about the various different schools having followed their paths, but still you see that the loyalty should be to O'Sensei. I will not dispute that we should honour and respect the "great teacher", but what about Sokaku Takeda, Takeda Kunitsugu, Takeda Yoshikiyo, Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu, Prince Tsunemoto and Prince Teijun? Should we be looking for what they said on the matter, and what if they conflicted with what O'Sensei said?

I am very interested to learn the position of the Takeda clan et al on this matter, although it is muchly out of curiosity. The nature of my reverence to OSensei is largely as a result of my relation to his stance on 'magical mumbo-jumbo', and as such the stance of such figures as Onisaburo Deguchi and even O'Sensei's Mother (I am embarassed to say I do not remember her name) would also be poignant to some extent. That said, it remains that it is OSensei who brought together the numerous factors that became Aikido and it is OSensei who my alliances lay with when it comes to Aikido training.
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