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Hmmm, I think I've just been called an overweight goldfish . While I like the Japanese for the reasons I already said, I don't like the idea that we do things 'because we always have'. That stone already has erosions, unless all in your dojo wear hakama from the moment they step on the mat. Respect, which can be bowing to O Sensei's picture in one form, is good. But I've seen dojos where they bow and clap before his picture, and disrespect each other on the mat; others bow but do not clap, and actually some where there is no picture of O Sensei, and some where there is no picture and they do not bow or clap. None of it correlated to the respect I saw demonstrated there to each other or the art. The concept of respect (or rei) is important, not that one outward manifestation be performed as it was in O Sensei's dojo.
Japanese terms are a convient shorthand understood in a variety of countries if it is used in the teaching of the art, I would bet French is used in a like manner in fencing but don't really know. But I don't endorse it's use just because O Sensei spoke Japanese; that would be the kind of behavior I think the article spoke about.
Still, a cool metaphor you've got there, Nick.
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