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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Si Wilson wrote:
Joe Sensei is well deserving of all the paise he receives. I still don't like your quote as it reads a certain way. I also do not believe that you respect the hakama in the same way as O'Sensei, as you would need to walk in his shoes through his life to do so.

I hope you can lose you fixation about the hakama, as you can find yourself receiving a wonderful gift in your studies, but to turn away from that gift because of the uniform... well.

I have spent my entire career with the military, but your example seems to point that those who practice without hakama (and I have) are losing the tradition and disipline. "A pair of old shorts and a t-shirt and a stroll in the park with a beer!" You should look further in to the Yoshinkan.

The post reads like it reads mate, if you want to read more into it than what's there than that's your problem. I'm sorry if it bothers you, but if it does, it's because you're reading something I didn't type.

Once again, context is being removed. When I said that I respect the hakama as OSensei does I was referring to the need for it being worn in the dojo, and the reasons for doing so. To state that I know and concur with ALL of OSensei's feelings towards the hakama would surely be foolish as I did not know him personally and did not live his life, but as I have said, by all publically available information which I have been able to obtain, we do concur.

I should also point out that you are negating the possibility of my feeling as OSensei did regarding hakama due to the impossibility of my knowing all of what those feelings are, while yourself being in the same position. If you have not walked in those shoes either, then how can you know that there is a difference between my feelings and OSensei's on the matter? You don;t know my feelings, and you don;t know his, and yet you see fit to draw comparison....

I'm almost positive that OSensei had feelings toward the hakama which few if any others had or will ever have, and I would hesitate to suggest otherwise - However as I said, I was referring to the wearing of the hakama in the dojo and the reasons for doing so being of such importance. If that isn't clear to you then perhaps you'd like to read the thread again.

If you had bothered to read the thread in it's entirety you would be fully aware that I do not have a fixation on tha hakama, or anything to do with a uniform, but on the representation of values or lack thereof depicted by the exclusion of hakama in the dojo.

Also if you care to scroll up a few posts, you will also be aware that I do not plan on turning away from the gift as some more helpful posters have shown me a positive way to blend my own spirit with that of the dojo I am forced to choose from. Nor am I choosing to do anything as a result of the uniform, but am having moral and ethical dilemmas resulting from the fact that the uniform is being toyed with.

You say that "your example seems to point that those who practice without hakama (and I have) are losing the tradition and disipline."

Precisely. That's why I keep talking about it! One point you seemed to miss is that it is not only the hakama but also it's spirtual value that I am concerned with.

And once again, scroll up and you'll find that I am making plans to chat with Thambu Sensei and others, which I believe would constitute "looking further into the yoshinkan"

Hope this clears things up
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