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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Hmmm, this hakama thing is a bit like not joining the Navy because you don't like the uniform.

As for Joe Thambu Sensei, he is one of the best teachers and Aikidoka I have had the pleasure of learning from and landing very hard on the mat from. He has dedicated his entire life to Aikido and any comment such as suggesting that he does not hold as much respect for the hakama as you....! Well, that statement alone shows itself as false, or you would never have made it:

1. JIN (Benevolence)

2. GI (Honour)

3. REI (Courtesy and etiquette)

4. CHI ( Wisdom, Intelligence)

5. SHIN ( Sincerity)

6. CHU (Loyalty)

7. KOH (Piety)

I must admit to being amazed you could even think that!

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