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Re: covering your openings

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
Ah... did not notice the hamni handachi part. Move forward. Shoot low single leg takedown would be the actual practical solution. However... talking about Aikido - just irimi to the wrist grabbing side - he cannot overcommit a kick to there. Weather the followup is a shihonage or something else is irrelevant.
Single leg takedown , reclining leg takedown with reverse elbow shot to groin...whatever.

It all boils down to what are you using the exercise to develop?

Is it just to fight?

Is it to work principles?

As can be seen on multiple threads what you use the training for depends on your background.

Yoshinkan see it one way, aikikai another, shudokan / tomiki another. Aiki jutsu and MMA other ways. Ki aikido is different again.

what is interesting though is that ultimately you propose to just get in my experience this is our bottom line too.

So maybe we are all climbing to the top of the same mountain...but chose different routes?

This is why I've not proferred a definitive how to do shiho nage post...really you do it to suit your training methodology which is widely different depending on style. What means something to me may sound ridiculous to someone coming from another angle.



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