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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Kristian Miller-Karlsen wrote:
Hello Todd,

Thanks for the reply. Did you look up David Brown sensei? I found out a bit more and he teaches from a dojo in Clifton Gardens. He is an Aikikai affiliate. David Brown was recommended to me by a friend who has done alot of training with the Ki Society. He had an eye opening experience when he trained in Melbourne while there on holiday.
Hiya Kristian,

Well it's a funny world full of coincidence... It so happens that the Aikikai Central Dojo in Clifton Hill is one of the first dojo that my g/f and I had visited, and we really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if Brown Sensei still teaches there, however I sincerely hope so, as I have discovered today that he is very involved with shakuhachi (Japanese flute) and I am well into taiko. I'd love to talk with him.

I decided to keep looking after deciding that it was a little small, and the whole hakama issue (hakama? who said that?! ) but it seems that after the conversation here over the last few days, that perhaps I had better take a second look at the school, better educated as to the ways of Melbournio...

Kristian Miller-Karlsen wrote:
You mentioned earlier that you would prefer a Ki Society dojo but I figure that if you are desperate enough for a fix of Aiki you will train anywhere. I know I would.
Me? I'd train underwater with concrete pylons chained to my wrists if I could

Kristian Miller-Karlsen wrote:
I hope this is of help to you. All the best with your search for a training hall.

Also, I believe that osensei stated: "Your spirit is your true shield." When we sit within our shield we remain untouched by the verbal/psychic attacks of others. It's all training after all. A strong, sincere attack gives us something good to work with.
Well this thought has been a really huge assistance to me, and I've been sitting here all day with this window open trying to figure out how to show my appreciation for it, and I still have no clue. I think that the gist of what you have said here, has shown me a way that I feel that I can continue my training, hakama etc or no hakama etc, and still feel that I am following in O'Sensei's way to the best of my abilities.

Thanks so much Kristian, I really do appreciate this.
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