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Re: covering your openings

Hi all,

I think the problem is that once I grab the uke who is in on their knees, they are not moving nearly as freely as I am when I'm the standing uke and I am VERY close. My wrist is farily flexible so that move to get uke to wrap around the nage is more of a choice for me at the initial moment of the grab. It can be "put on" but I'm not sure it can be put on before I can get my other attacks in. They can try to take my angles of attack away from me as the uke, but I'm feeling like I have a fixed point (which may be moving, but still basically only moving relative to _both_ of us) and I'm close enough that I can attack faster than the average nage's reaction time from that distance given that I can spin around my grab for a kick and/or attack their head with a punch almost instantly.

I didn't actually get a chance to try to solve the problem as the nage - I was just giving my partner the next natural thing that made sense (to me) as the uke. I was hoping he'd respoind in kind so I could try to work it out. I think Darren's suggestion that you probably cannot get away with shihonage in that position against a more random attack is appropriate for my level of understanding. However, I am hoping to transcend my current level, so suggestions like David's seem useful - although I'm not sure how to actually implement those ideas. But I'll try!!!

Thanks for the ideas, all..


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