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Re: covering your openings

Hi Ron

was a somewhat facetious post of issue with blocks are force against force.

So sure...blocks exist , but in my training I'm looking to blend rather than block...from a point of principle if uke attacks then i'll evade and counter. If uke grabs and pulls then I'll try and blend with irimi.

Blocking is a possibility for many...but if youre 6 stone receiving a 15 stone attack (sorry don't do kilos)...then evasion .....aka ying against yang is the answer.

Trying to beef out a strong opponent whos launched an attack to me is not really using the aggressors force against him.

Don't want to hijack the thread so back to shiho nage...lets not forget that we are talking about 4 directional throw..although variations are infinite depending on the precise nature of ukes attack.

I like paulinna's option of using the movement generated by turning the hips to restrict ukes follow up options ...either ukes arm stops a jodan level attack or the turn of ukes body restricts kicking.

Certainly not the sort of block I originally thought of though.

As for Robs original question...well hamni handachi waza ...and suwari waza are both teaching aids...aren't they? They restrictions on toris movement make it highly unfair to start throwing in extra strikes and expecting tori to compete with a standing opponent.

Cheers and thanks

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