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covering your openings

Okay, I have a question. I was at a Saotome sensei seminar and one of the drills was hamni handachi katatetori shihonage.

First, the uke grabbed the wrist and then proceeded to kick nage with their opposite leg. No problem there, you just have to cover that area.

The next drill, the uke grabbed the wrist, and then proceeded to do a face punch with their opposite hand. No problem with that drill either, you just have to cover that area.

My problem was that I decided to try to grab, punch the face, and while the name was dealing with the punch (at the apex of lifting their arm) I did a roundhouse with my leg at them. I think I could hit them pretty hard. The nage could defend one but not the combination very well. I think the nage was lifting their arm too early, but I wonder if they didn't do that could I get a good punch in at them before they'd be able to defend it.

I don't know. I sword, it's pretty simple. You just keep your sword tip covering their middle, and thrust if they start getting too close and tryingto go around you. In open hand, covering ramdom combinations is a bit more difficult. I'm thinking that maybe the nage would need to take the attacking hand down a bit more to get a tilt in uke's shoulders. Any ideas? (Mine would be to not do shihonage there until I worked it out better!)

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