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Re: Dojo Brawl (TM)

R. Haruo Hori wrote:
Boon, you're over complicating things. It should be kinda like Thunderdome - five aikidoka enter, one aikidoka leaves. The others leave a little later after they regain conscious. Get a steel cage too.

Trust me, rules and referees can only get in the way of a good brawl. Stupid shodo-hai.

PS If I ever get off my lazy ass, I'll be using this as inspiration for the further Adventures of Shodo thug!
Hello Hori-Thug,

Ever the distinguished Thug you are. This idea also came up from friends who PMed me. Look out for Dojo Brawl (TM) ver 2.0: The Xtreme Challenge.

One contender, 4 shihan (any style). 3 minutes time period, contender remain standing, he/she wins nice shiny medals, advertisement contract whatever, If not, he gets a choice of how he/she would like to be carried out; by stretcher, wheelchair or even wheel barrow.


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