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Kristian Miller-Karlsen
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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Hello Todd,

Thanks for the reply. Did you look up David Brown sensei? I found out a bit more and he teaches from a dojo in Clifton Gardens. He is an Aikikai affiliate. David Brown was recommended to me by a friend who has done alot of training with the Ki Society. He had an eye opening experience when he trained in Melbourne while there on holiday.

You mentioned earlier that you would prefer a Ki Society dojo but I figure that if you are desperate enough for a fix of Aiki you will train anywhere. I know I would. I hope this is of help to you. All the best with your search for a training hall.

Also, I believe that osensei stated: "Your spirit is your true shield." When we sit within our shield we remain untouched by the verbal/psychic attacks of others. It's all training after all. A strong, sincere attack gives us something good to work with.
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