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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Michael Stuempel wrote:
Just a quick point that may or may not be relevant. I think it fits in the thread, but then again, I may be wrong.

I have heard that at times that the hakama was worn with the intention of hiding the art underneath. The skills were passed down through family lines and hakama were one way of hiding how techniques were done.

An additional thought is that I have also heard that uchideshi would pay Ueshiba Sensei to be his uke in demonstrations so that they could feel the technique and learn from it, since they couldn't see what he was doing under the hakama. One thing that this did was make sons of families with money the more skilled uchideshi...

Anyway...just a thought.


Ah the might bl**dy dollar

I've also heard those stories, and also that the reason the samurai kept the hakama around was to help them to win in battle by masking movement, and similar stuff...

I must agree that, to argue that the hakama does not hide leg movement seems foolish. Sure, to the very trained and experienced eye, the folds open in certain ways when moving in certain ways... And to the spiritually trained the intentions of the enemy are advertised clearly... But to most eyes, heck, you might as well be hiding behind a chunk of drywall
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