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Re: Dojo Brawl (TM)

Seeing how things are going... rules must be introduced to make this Dojo Brawl (TM) slightly safe. We want the participant to go back with shiny medals not shiny body bag, OK?

Rule 1.0: -
Judges are judge, they should not be use for target practice. They are exempted from actual participation (maikerus and steven... be nice).

Ian Hurst said:-
Absolutely disgusting, I've never read such an uncompromising trouncing of the traditions and true spirit of aikido - shiny medals indeed, everyone knows you should only compete for my little ponys - shame on you all!!
It's OK, Ian. Don't have to be so worked up over this... Those who understand, understand perfectly. You keep the ponies, I want my precioussssssss!

Ron Tisdale said:-
By the way, I believe there IS already 'competition' in YoshinOrc (TM)....the annual All Japan Yoshinkan festival gives awards to best technique and the like, doesn't it?
Yeah? Do they give out nice little shiny medals? Well they have the Oscar and they also have the Razzies. How about having one called International YoshiOrge Dojo Brawl (TM) Festival?

Bridget Chung said:-
How can this be? I've never seen any Yoshinkan aikido before!
Just follow the trail of blood and sweat.

Abasan said:-
do you think you can start one unofficially? And sorta open the doors a bit so its not an exclusive yoshinkaners club only? It would be a really cool thing to have. Me and my friends would be the first to join. Maybe its like a 1 month once kinda event...
OK, the venue has gotta be air-conditioned. You know how high the temperature soars in equatorial Malaysia.

M. Neal said:-
I don't know why this is in the humor section, it really is a good idea to be quite honest. You can remove the shiny medals if you want but the rest is great.
Glad we see eye to eye. You judoka people have the Olympics' nice shiny medal too, so why deny ours?

Steven Miranda and Michael Stuempel said:-
Steven...I'll tell you what. You grab 'em and I'll hit 'em :-)

Now wait a minute... How about YOU try to hold them, then if succesful, I'll hit em!
Steven and Mike, be nice. Please refer to Rule 1.0.


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