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Brian Vickery
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Originally posted by cbrf4zr2

There was a complete and unfounded arrogance about "their style" of Aikido that they seemed to put themselves on a pedastel, and refuse to accept that any other variant of Aikido was even worth considering. We had great opportunity to learn from not just Aikikai style but Kokikai style from a somewhat regular visiting Sensei. These students outwardly showed on the mat a complete lack of repsect for the visiting Sensei (who had been guest teaching) long before the merger. Almost going as far as saying his Aikido was worthless!

Hi Edward!

....I'm really curious about theses "aikidoka" much time have these folks spent in the dojo? ...what rank do they hold? I must admit that I find this attutide quite disturbing and rarther disgusting, especially for students of Aikido!

Brian Vickery

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