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Re: Please help me find a dojo in Melbourne!

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Because I wasn't specifically referring to him... I was referring to MA in general, and in particular to the cultish mentality which elevate dead founders to "God-like" status.

C'mon Todd, lighten up.... I don't think there is any conflict. Perhaps my choice of words could have been better, and I apologize if it offend your sensitivities.
Thanks for your apology...

But I did ask you earlier if you were talking about OSensei and although you didn't outright admit it, you certainly didn't deny it... Maybe it's only due to the precedent set by the previous conversation, but it seems like a convenient change of tack... Only you know for sure though, so I can't make any more comment than to state my own impression.

Anyway, that "cultish mentality" is known by some as a part of the Budo code... Live it or not, that's a chat for another time, I just wanted help from those who would help me to live it.
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